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Mississippi Museum of Art Membership

After forty years, the Museum's membership program has undergone exciting changes to its levels and benefits, allowing participants the opportunity to have a more personalized experience with the Museum. The new program includes levels that are customized to fit a variety of specific interests.

Membership is extremely vital in financially sustaining the Museum. It allows us to offer many free exhibitions and events to the public so that art is accessible to everyone. Your participation matters!

Customized Memberships

Customized Memberships

For as little as $5 a month ($60 annually), choose from one or more of four customized categories to receive a unique variety of benefits aimed at different interests.

Create. The perfect choice to be able to share your love of art with the kids in your life!

Explore. Designed for people who want to expand their art knowledge.

Celebrate. For people interested in social events and sharing art with friends!

Give. Specially created for people who are purely interested in giving financial support to the Museum through membership.

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Rembrandt Society

Rembrandt Society

Donors of the Rembrandt Society provide the Museum with crucial funds that have a substantial impact on the Museum’s financial stability and growth. Rembrandt Society members receive all the benefits of the four customized groups (Create, Explore, Celebrate, Give), as well as other special access and opportunities listed below. Automatic monthly payments are available for each level.

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