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Music in the City | Nicolas Ciraldo

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

5:45 PM

Trustmark Grand Hall

Music in the City is a monthly series presenting live performances of classical and traditional artists. This month, classical guitarist Nicholas Ciraldo performs an eclectic and virtuosic mix of music for solo guitar.

NICHOLAS CIRALDO is a leader among his generation of American classical guitarists. At the start of his career, he won awards and reached high levels at the Tredrez-Locquemau International Guitar Competition (France), the Gaetano Zinetti International Chamber Music Competition (Italy), the GFA Solo Guitar Competition (USA), the Portland International Guitar Competition (USA), and the MTNA Guitar Competition (USA). Ciraldo now enjoys numerous performances throughout the United States, Europe, and South America, playing in such venues as the United States’ Jordan Hall, Germany’s Berliner Dom, and Brazil’s Teatro José Maria Santos. Soundboard magazine states that Ciraldo’s “performances…are, without reservations, marvelous…with abundant technique and commitment to the music…one of the best….” Allmusic.com defines his playing as “confident…goes right to the heart of the music, with his precise, active, athletic style.” The Baton Rouge Advocate reviews him as “definitely in command…generating a collective gasp of amazement in the audience.” Kansas City’s Journal of the Performing Arts said Ciraldo’s “touch was nimble and delicate, skilled without being flashy. The instrument was a clear extension of the performer, with integrity of sound and performance taking precedence.” He is Associate Professor of Music at The University of Southern Mississippi School of Music.

This event is free and open to the public. Cash bar available at 5 PM.

Generously sponsored by St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral