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A New Perspective

By Public Relations and Marketing Intern, Mary Rogers My summer as the Public Relations/Marketing intern here at MMA has been fantastic. I get to spend my days in the AC writing, interviewing artists, persuading publications to publish articles about upcoming exhibitions, and creating content for social media. However, there have been a few days where I have been forced to leave my comfort zone of MMA to hang posters up around Jackson. Even in the boiling Mississippi summer, poster hanging is an integral part of marketing events, so thrice in the past two months, I have ventured out with a stack of posters, a list of venues, and a roll of tape.

My first day of poster hanging was quite humbling. Julian, my supervisor, asked me before I went if I knew these areas of Jackson, and I, naively, replied with a firm, “Yeah, definitely.” It was the beginning of June, and I had been to several places on the list and was determined to find the rest, even if I had never heard of them. Not shockingly, this was my first time to...

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Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2015 by MMA

Harnessing the Flow

By Mary Rogers, Marketing and Public Relations Intern Through my internship this summer, I have had the privilege of seeing Pearl River Glass Studio working together with the Museum to celebrate visual art, and the newest connection between PRGS and MMA can be found in The Museum Store. I gave Andy Young, owner and founder of the studio, a call to learn about our newest item now in store inventory—the Flow Bowls. Starting from the beginning, Andy enthusiastically described the evolution of the Flow Bowls.

“Six or seven years ago I wanted to make a bowl out of broken glass because we ended up with a lot of clear glass at the studio that I could crush up. I started experimenting with glass and making bowls out of it, and with some of the first ones, the glass melted and looked like it flowed down the side. So that’s why Flow Bowl.”

However, the process was not as simple as one would think. Young has switched from tempered glass, which was not a viable glass for the project, to kiln-form glass,...

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Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 by MMA

Glass Work

By Mary Rogers, Marketing/Public Relations Intern

As the Marketing/Public Relations intern this summer, one of the most exciting aspects of my experience at the museum is connecting with local artists who allow their work to be featured here at MMA. This past week, Julian Rankin, Marketing Director, and I headed over to Pearl River Glass Studio, located in Midtown, to experience the use of glass as an expressive, legitimate medium. Founded in 1975 by Andrew Cary Young, Pearl River Glass Studio now produces projects in Stained Glass, Kiln-fired Glass, and the Decorative Arts, all in addition to hosting shows of local artists.

After arriving at Pearl River Glass Studio, we were greeted and shown around by Lacy Barger, one of the artists of PRGS. After a brief introduction and a look around the gallery, Lacy took us through the studio, which is where the magic happens, telling us that there is a “whole other world going on,” and she was completely right. We went from a room full of finished pieces to being in the midst of the creative processes that happen...

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Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 by MMA


By Public Relations/Marketing Intern Mary Rogers

Four years have passed since my last official visit to the Mississippi Museum of Art. My art class traveled to Jackson and spent the day looking at The Mississippi Story, discovering how art has shaped the state’s history and culture. Each student had to pick three pieces and analyze them, and I remember wandering throughout the galleries searching for a piece that struck me. Finally, I stumbled across The Portrait of Sister Thea Bowman by Marshall Bouldin III, and my world was rocked. The joy and hope captured in this portrait was a quality I had not seen in portraiture, Mississippi based or not.

For instance, this past spring, I traveled to London to study for a semester and had the privilege of roaming around world famous museums and galleries: The Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Gallery, the Courtauld Gallery, the Wallace Collection, and several more.

I was moved by the pieces which...

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Posted on Monday, June 15, 2015 by MMA

Internship Discovery

By Raquel Araujo

My name is Raquel Araujo and I am an intern at the Mississippi Museum of Art for the 2015 spring semester. I’m a senior studio art major concentrating in photography and I attend Jackson State University. My goal is to attend a graduate program dealing with either museum studies or curatorial practices. Since I started interning at the museum in January I’ve had a lot of positive experiences and I’ve learned so much. So far I have had the opportunity to shadow school tours, help with displays and labels, learn about condition reports, and I’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about The Mississippi Story collection as well as artist Marie Hull.

Marie Hull, An American Citizen, 1936. Oil on Linen. 30 x 25.5 in. Collection of Mississippi Museum of Art. Gift of Dr. Blair E. Batson, Jackson, MS. 2009.153

I am currently furthering my research on Marie Hull and her portraits. I am very interested in her choice of subject matter as well as the decision to add an aesthetic tension to her portraits....

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Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 by MMA

An Internal Perspective

By Casey Clark

This is the blog of a twenty-one year old intern at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

Entering the final semester of your college years is fraught with anxieties, the constant worry of what you’re going to do once you are finally free from the once endless tests, papers, projects and classes can suffocate a person. Since childhood I have always loved art and that passion piqued an interest for me to learn the intricacies within the setting where the products of successful artists live. Talking to some of my professors here at Mississippi College led me to apply for an internship at the Museum, so that I might find a direction to pursue post-graduation.

In my first month at the Museum, the way I assess art has been challenged. I have been introduced to many artists that I have never heard of, many from my home state such as Malcolm Norwood and Andrew Bucci. I have been challenged to draw connections between four separate works and create my own tour from a segment of The Mississippi...

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Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by MMA