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George Wardlaw, A Life In Art – Early Beginnings

Part 1 in our series on featured artist George Wardlaw, whose work is on view in George Wardlaw, A Life in Art: 1954-2014.

George Wardlaw was raised in the small town of Baldwyn, Mississippi and embodies the ethos of The Mississippi Story. Raised on his family’s Prentiss County Farm, he became deeply rooted in southern traditions and developed a strong connection to the land. He helped raise cotton, corn, soybeans, and hay for the farm’s cows and horses. He knew everything a farmer’s life entailed at a young age.

Wardlaw’s earliest influences came from his parents, George Wiley Wardlaw and Lillie Lee Tapp Wardlaw. His mother’s quilting taught him about the social environment connected to art making, as well as how to appreciate color and pattern. His father would submit dog sketches to register the hunting dogs he bred for quail hunting, adding spots in the right places to give them identity, and Wardlaw remembers his drawings contained a certain power, “like magic” when finished each time. It is likely Wardlaw’s...

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Posted on Friday, May 29, 2015 by MMA

Red, White, Blue - and Green

Mayor Tony Yarber addresses the crowdMayor Tony Yarber addresses the crowd

Memorial Day means many things. It does, in many cases, mean a day off from work, a chance to spend time with loved ones and those within your community, and ubiquitously, it mean ribs, grills, smoke. We participated today in such a gathering, the “We Are Jackson” Family Day on the Green with the City of Jackson, the first in what is planned to be an annual Memorial Day event in The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art. It was celebration, but more importantly, it was commemoration; remembrance of the sacrifices of men and women who, through their service in the armed forces, protect those very same American traditions of food and fellowship.

Charles and Talamieka Brice with their son, HonorCharles and Talamieka Brice with their son, Honor

The day is set aside to honor those who have given their lives in service, but it also reminds us to look with gratitude on those who served and survived....

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Posted on Monday, May 25, 2015 by MMA

New Collectors Club - Liz Hulsey

Some may be put off by the idea of a “New Collector’s Club” by thinking that being a collector also means having a big budget. However, Tuesday’s club meeting at Liz Hulsey’s home proved that perception wrong. Standing in front of two Matisse’s in her foyer, she said “anyone can begin art collecting. I began in my twenties by using my tax return checks and continued buying a piece of art every year until it became a hobby.” Now, she has more than seventy pieces from Mississippi artists as well as others found throughout her travels. Her collection is varied, showcasing works by Charles Carraway, Kathy Hegman, Jack Spencer, TL Lang, and Ellen Langford, as well as Rembrandt and Matisse, to name a few.

Hulsey shared that her favorite piece was a dear gift from her brother, painted by Charles Carraway, whose work she’s collected for twenty years. She said, “it was of a christening gown, and when I opened it I began to cry, because at the time no one knew I was pregnant.” Today it hangs at the...

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Posted on Friday, May 22, 2015 by MMA

Memorial Day Commemorations at MMA

On Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day - the Museum joins the City of Jackson and other partnering organizations for the “We are Jackson” Family Day on the Green. This event, held on the BankPlus Green in The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art, features food, drink, entertainment, volunteer drive, and live performance, all in commemoration of the sacrifices made by brave service men and women. The event runs from noon - 5 PM and is free to the public. The family fun includes space jumps, a video game truck, face painting, balloon animals, food trucks, and free screenings at Davis Planetarium.

Typically closed on Mondays, the Museum is opening from noon - 5 PM in conjunction with the community gathering. It is also the first day of the Museum’s participation in Blue Star Museums, a collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and more than 2,000 museums across America to offer free admission to the nation’s active-duty military personnel and their families, including National Guard and Reserve, from Memorial Day, May 25, 2015 through Labor Day,...

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Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 by MMA

Museum After Hours - Electric Dagger Tattoo

By Public Relations Coordinator, Sarah Crites

The entrance to the Electric Dagger Tattoo is lined with bursts of bright colored, “flash” designs. Visitors are greeted with these flashes, which I learned are a collection of signature designs representing the work of tattoo artists from around the world.

Studio owner Jason Thomas displays his collection, which he acquired while traveling or by trading his own art. Thomas describes an era when tattooing was still becoming an art by saying that “back in the day tattoo artists would paint their own tattoo signs called flash to go on the wall and people like sailors would pick through them.” He highlighted pieces in his collection from Hawaii, Denmark, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Japan, each created during different decades, some reaching as far back as the 1950’s. Thomas explains his execution as “taking vintage design and recreating it,” describing his style as “illustrated American traditional.”

The Museum After Hours pop up exhibition on Thursday, May 21, will showcase Electric Dagger Tattoo’s authentically modern flash art, as well as work that the artists pursue...

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Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2015 by MMA

Meet the Farmers for May’s ‘sipp Sourced

Meet the farmers of Beaverdam Fresh Farms! These farmers are part of this month’s ‘sipp Sourced pop up menu with Chef Nick Wallace. Ingredients from their farm will be featured for three days, May 21-23, as part of the themed menu, “Breakfast after Breakfast”.

Beaverdam Fresh Farms is a biologically diverse farm that was established in 2010 by Dustin and Ali Pinion. They define their farming practices on mimicking natural patterns that build organic matter and preserve the land for future generations. Their livestock are rotated onto fresh pastures daily (or weekly depending on the animal) in order to spread the manure around the farm and lessen the impact on the land. By mimicking natural patters, their livestock are healthier; therefore they do not need any antibiotics,vaccinations, or added hormones. They partner with other local farmers around their region to deliver dairy products, honey, fruit,vegetables, and their meats and eggs to their buying clubs locations all over north central Mississippi including Jackson and Meridian.

Join Chef Nick...

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Posted on Thursday, May 14, 2015 by MMA

Andy Young and the Parable of the Pothole Machine

​Andrew Cary Young, President of Pearl River Glass Studio, is a devoted Jacksonian. His studio in Midtown Jackson is a mainstay of the community, and the art he and his team produce brings light into spaces of all kinds, from churches to the Museum’s own Art Garden. Young might sometimes feign sardonic curmudgeonry, but he is, indeed, a self-described optimist, and his work throughout Jackson and beyond lays claim to his passion for the place he calls home.

Optimism, though mystical in its power to alter consciousness and inspire, falls short of some practical applications; namely, fixing potholes. Young does not like potholes, a viewpoint he shares with many in the city. And while some sections of Jackson’s streets are being freshly paved, perhaps as we speak, there is a well-publicized history of the havoc wreaked by infamous Yazoo clay on the municipal infrastructure. Recently, Young took to the drawing board with satire in mind and designed a Seuss-o-industrial blueprint for a pothole machine to relieve the city’s woes. He had plans to translate this design into a large scale rendering,...

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Posted on Friday, May 8, 2015 by MMA

#MMAminimalist - “Rocky”

The Museum and Crossroads Film Society will present the outdoor film series, Screen on the Green in The Art Garden featuring “Rocky” on Thursday, May 21st at 8 PM, in conjunction with Jackson DBA Rock Your Block Party, Museum After Hours - Electric Dagger Tattoo, Art Bar Pop Trivia, and High Note Jam - The Cynical Twins. We look forward to seeing everyone here and having a good time, but until then look for our #MMAminimalist movie posters, courtesy of Graphic Designer Amanda Lucius. Feel free to snatch one up to keep after the event ends! See last month’s poster for “Toy Story 2” here.

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Posted on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 by MMA

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