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#DunlapDetails Vol. 2

If you’ve visited the Museum, you’re probably familiar with William Dunlap’s Panorama of the American Landscape that greets visitors from its home in Trustmark Grand Hall. It’s one of our ongoing and free public exhibitions. Because of the sheer size, some of the painting’s details aren’t readily apparent from a distance. Here’s another in our series called #DunlapDetails, where we take closer looks at the many small paintings within the whole. Next time you visit, find and share your favorite corner with the #DunlapDetails hashtag!

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Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 by MMA

MS Invitational Guest Curator Hits the Road

By Carla Hanzal, Guest Curator of the 2014 Mississippi Invitational

Guest Curator Carla Hanzal is currently touring the studios of Mississippi artists all across the state, narrowing down who will be included in the 2014 Mississippi Invitational, opening in Fall 2014.

Over the course of four days I covered a broad sweep of the southern to middle part of Mississippi, traveling nearly 1000 miles with Deputy Director Roger Ward. We started at the coast, visited two artists, glimpsed the ocean, felt the humidity of the sea air and journeyed northward. Painters, sculptors media artists and photographers were among the artists we visited. Some had returned to Mississippi after long spans of time away, some had relocated to the state after Katrina, and some had lived in the state for the majority of their lives. The spring landscape speeding by the window provided an added bonus as the new crops were well underway and vibrant green. Wisteria cloaked brown trees and the dogwood and redbuds were just beginning to bloom. I saw swamps, cypress knees, and the amazing...

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Posted on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 by MMA