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George Mitchell Reflects on Rosa Lee

By George Mitchell, Photographer and Guest Blogger

The person my wife, Cathy, and I spent the most time with during our time in the Hill Country was probably Rosa Lee Hill. That is partly because her niece, Jessie Mae Hemphill, lived just over the hill from her, and I decided to interview two who had played with Sid Hemphill—the grandfather, say, of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues. Then they took me to see a third, Ada Mae Anderson, whom I also decided to interview. As a matter of fact, this photo of Rosa Lee and me, was shot by Cathy, if I remember correctly, just after we had eaten a meal cooked by Jessie Mae, and just before they took me to see Ada Mae. So we spent a lot of time with the three Hemphill women, especially with Rosa Lee, since she was the first one I interviewed, and she was with us when I interviewed the others. I also made recordings of Rosa Lee at Jessie Mae’s because Rosa Lee’s house had no electricity.

I dedicated...

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Posted on Monday, August 5, 2013 by MMA