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VSA Artists Commune with the Old Masters

We loved having the VSA artists come to visit earlier this week. They are wonderful neighbors and a vital part of our neighborhood and the Jackson arts community. -Julian Rankin, Director of New Media, Mississippi Museum of Art The below is an excerpt from: News for the VSA Community Art Group, Parents, and Care Givers September 4, 2013 Yesterday, the Mississippi Museum of Art treated the Community Art Group to a tour of its blockbuster summer show, Old Masters to Monet, which included French paintings representing three centuries. I think I can speak for all of us fortunate enough to attend when I say it was thrilling to see some of the best artwork in the world. I was proud not only of your conduct, but your interest in and appreciation of this collection of work. Your comments and questions to our tour guide were thoughtful and insightful. Now I don’t have to worry about how you would act if I fly us all to Paris to tour the Louvre. Or maybe we’ll just go to Belzoni and go through the...

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Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2013 by MMA

George Mitchell Reflects on Rosa Lee

By George Mitchell, Photographer and Guest Blogger

The person my wife, Cathy, and I spent the most time with during our time in the Hill Country was probably Rosa Lee Hill. That is partly because her niece, Jessie Mae Hemphill, lived just over the hill from her, and I decided to interview two who had played with Sid Hemphill—the grandfather, say, of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues. Then they took me to see a third, Ada Mae Anderson, whom I also decided to interview. As a matter of fact, this photo of Rosa Lee and me, was shot by Cathy, if I remember correctly, just after we had eaten a meal cooked by Jessie Mae, and just before they took me to see Ada Mae. So we spent a lot of time with the three Hemphill women, especially with Rosa Lee, since she was the first one I interviewed, and she was with us when I interviewed the others. I also made recordings of Rosa Lee at Jessie Mae’s because Rosa Lee’s house had no electricity.

I dedicated...

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Posted on Monday, August 5, 2013 by MMA

Legacy Preserved

This week at the Museum has been a living example of how art connects us to one another and enriches our lives. On Monday night, artist Jason Bouldin unveiled portraits of Medgar and Myrlie Evers, the culmination of a project long in the making. Bringing the portraits to fruition took many hands. One such force was Alan Moore of Baker Donelson, the exhibition sponsor, who worked on the project with the Evers family, the artist, and countless others, including a group of generous women who funded the portrait of Myrlie Evers. I could search for words to describe the unveiling reception, which was attended by hundreds - those mentioned above, family and friends, elected officials, and many, many more. But my words would be superfluous. The tone best struck and the words best spoken came organically, like art often does.

“Artists redefine and repatriate our memories,” said Betsy Bradley, Director of the Museum. The portraits stood nearby behind black veils. “They also inspire hope for our future. That is what this is about tonight. It’s about our memories and our hope.”


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Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 by MMA

Causey Cato: Inviting Discovery

Causey Cato of Starkville is one of thirteen artists in the 2011 Mississippi Invitational.

What does being the youngest artist in the 2011 Mississippi Invitational mean to you? What do you think it says about the direction of contemporary Mississippi art and artists?

It is challenging to be a young person who is interested in pursuing art in the career sense. However, Mr. Sirmans and everyone involved with the Mississippi Museum of Art and the Invitational made me feel that I, as a young person, mattered. I believe they wanted young unknown people represented as a way of saying Mississippi is proud of and supports her contemporary art and artists.

You said in the exhibition catalogue that you “discovered several things about myself” while creating the sculpture in the Invitational. How does this practice of discovery factor in to your art-making?

Discovery is one of the things I value the most about...

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Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by MMA

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